14/12/2016 by Ofélia Jesus

And because it's Christmas ...

With December, the shops and streets are full of Christmas motives.

People walk in a frenzy from one side to the other is shopping and more shopping.

A real unnecessary madness.

In the midst of the frenzy people remember the events and behaviors of the present year and

begin to engender the New Year's wishes.

The most common is a large part of the wishes being the same years after year, which even

Understand why many wishes should be a constant.

The question is next year is going to be ...

- I want to do more sport and eat just the

- I want to dedicate more time to the family

- I want to have some time for myself

- I want to go on a trip instead of spending money on stuff

- I want a better relationship with my partner

- I want to help more who needs it


It's I want, I want ...

If you want to ... do it now and do it with conscience ...

The part of consciousness is the main ingredient.

Day after day save a few minutes of the time you spend with yourself

Reflected in the results.

Strongly grasp the positive feelings of your actions and continue to reflect

The actions with which you dreamed for years become a constant in your life.

This process is a path and even those who have caught the way need reflection

So as not to get lost in their intricacies.

I believe that this formula will help a better world.

And with this I do not want in any way to stop having intentions of renewal normally made

With the approach of New Year, only the form and the spirit with which it makes them to become conscious,

And with freedom.

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