Find the happiness that is inside you

16/01/2017 by Ofélia Jesus

The dawn of a new day draws near, and with it comes the sun

The sun illuminates without exception

I wake up with the sunshine on the face

I hear the chirping of the birds and the water of the creek ...

Where am I? I think

I see my nudity lying on the grass

Next to me are my belongings clothes, boots and backpack

I do not remember how I came here

It does not matter, I feel at peace

I sit down and feel the freedom of the place

I Deeply breathe, it's good to feel the morning breeze

A wave of well-being floods my soul

I go to the nearest creek and leave my body in the sauce

The water is translucent and it isn't cold

When I leave, I feel refreshed.

I dress my clothes, I put on my boots and pick up my backpack

What place is this?

Does it really exist ...

Anyway and wherever you are

Whenever you need to renew and energise

Your body and your soul look within you and you will find

A place where peace and harmony reigns

Live the happiness that is in you every day and in all situation.

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