Yoga is a practical philosophy. It is an ancient art that was born in India, whose goal is the development, harmonization and unification of human being.

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root Yuj, which literally means to unite, bind, join. Join the physical with the mental part, leading to reintegration and rebalancing of being.

The word Yoga can be understood in two ways:

Body techniques and practices , breathing, relaxation, concentration, self knowledge and ethical and moral observations that establish harmony both internal and external to the individual experience of that primary unity allows the state of complete happiness.

The final goal of Yoga practice, reintegrate the individual as a whole for the experience and achievement of this unit is possible. The goal is Moksha deconditioning of man, or Samadhi area of knowledge that encompasses varying degrees of hyperconsciousness.

Yoga becomes the middle and end simultaneously.

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali is one of the best known classical scriptures of Yoga. Patanjali says in his second verse as follows:

"Yoga Citta vrtti Nirodha"

(Yoga Sutra I.2)

"Yoga is the cessation of swirls of mind "

(Yoga Sutra I.2)

It should also be noted that the definition of Yoga and how this is understood, implemented and lived, depends on the orientation of each school. Thus, despite the similarity, it is natural to find some differences of definition and understanding from school to school.

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