• Every day is unique ... ​You only live once, and will not repeat again, live today, live now, live this moment, every day is a gift, a new beginning.

  • Find the happiness that is inside you The dawn of a new day draws near, and with it comes the sun The sun illuminates without exception

  • Realize And because it's Christmas ... It's I want, I want ... If you want to ... do it now and do it with conscience ...

  • Stillness Writing invades me, whispers in my ear - Plays the tune to the right pace - Rehearse the words, make them dance - Adjust the positions, observes ...

  • Dublin 7 - Yoga Classes Yoga Classes Hatha and Kundaliní Saturdays at 17:45 Place: Dunard Community Centre, 20 Dunard Rd, Cabra, Dublin7 Contact: Ofelia - 083 452 5084

  • Merry Christmas The spirit of Christmas comes to soften our days, and bring brightness and joy to our lives.

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